Teaching Your Kids To Sew: Make It Fun!

Teaching Your Kids To Sew: Make It Fun!

If you’ve decided to buy a sewing machine for your kids, perhaps you are somewhat stuck for ideas.

This is only natural. Sometimes, when we could make literally anything, focusing on a specific idea is tough.

We are here to make that process a little easier and to give you some creative sewing ideas for kids.

Firstlyx, it’s important to think about some fundamental guidelines. We break down the things you need to think about when teaching your kids to sew here.

With a shiny new machine on the table, your child is probably raring to go so today we will outline 3 simple projects to make sure their learning experience is fun, inspiring and keeps them coming back for more.

Teaching Your Kids To Sew: Make It Fun!
Teaching Your Kids To Sew: Make It Fun!
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1) Beanie From a Sweater

As the summer starts to fade and the cooler weather approaches, it’s time to swap the shorts and T-shirts for warmer clothing.

Here’s an awesome way to turn an old sweater into a stylish hat. Your kids will love the idea of recycling while getting in some valuable practice on their new machine.

What To Do

  1. Take advantage of the hem on the sweater to form the new hem of your beanie. Choose a thinner knit if possible. This will make sewing less of a strain
  2. Turn your sweater inside out
  3. Use a marker or chalk to mark out the area you want to sew. An old hat will be perfect to get this part done quickly and fuss-free
  4. With your sewing machine, stitch up the shape. A 3.5-inch stitch length should be ideal
  5. Cut your hat out and bingo, no more excuses about it being too cold to go outside!

Note: Make certain that you sew before cutting the knit fabric. It’s best to make it a little bigger as you can always size it down without any problem. As a finishing touch, get your child to experiment with some hand stitching.

2) Faux-Leather Clutch Bag

Does your daughter endlessly rummage through your bag collection?

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to teach your litle girl how to make her very own clutch.

Leather is notoriously tough to work with so get the look without the problems following these simple instructions…

What To Do

This particular project calls for the use of a pattern which is easier to follow visually than explain so check out this awesome site for detailed instructions.

In no time at all your daughter can start her own bag collection.

Once she gets into gear, you might have some competition for who has the most bags in their closet!

3) Keychains in Webbing and Fabric

If your kids are just starting to get out and about on their own, make sure they don’t lose their door key.

The bigger you make the bunch of keys, the less likely they are to go astray.

Pique their interest in sewing and let them choose then make their own cool keychain.

What To Do

  1. Cut your webbing into a 9″ strip
  2. Cut out some fabric 2″x9″
  3. Fold a half-inch under your fabric down the back side. Iron it then repeat with the other side
  4. Use basting spray to spray the back of the fabric. Stick it to your webbing
  5. Start sewing close to the edge of the material. First, stitch up one side. Pivot then stitch across the bottom and finally up the other side. Clip off your threads
  6. Trim off the ends for a neat finish
  7. Fold your piece of material in half with the edges nicely lined up
  8. Slide the ends into your keyfob hardware. You can buy this here
  9. Use a hammer – supervise closely here – to tap everything into place
  10. Attach a keyring to the end and no more lost keys!


Getting up and running is always the hardest part.

Once your kid has a few basic projects under their belt, allow their creativity to run wild. Work with them and harness the Internet to search for some awesome ideas. Teach them how to research at the same time as teaching them to use their sewing machine.

Many starter projects will also involve hand sewing. This is a wonderful way to increase their skills.

Above all, when teaching kids to sew, keep it simple. Fun should be uppermost.

Watch their confidence and ability grow and get them started on a lifetime of crafts!

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