SiRUBA HSO-747D overlock sewing machine for professional finish, with 2 Needle-4 Thread, versatile stitches, color coded threading guide, and micro safety switch

SiRUBA HSO-747D overlock sewing machine for professional finish (Image: Amazon)

The SiRUBA HSO-747D overlocker sewing machine is used mainly for a highly professional finish.

You’ll get 2 needle 4-thread service with versatile stitches and a color-coded threading guide. There are handy safety micro-switches. These switches prevent sewing when the front side is open.

Its differential feed mechanism and an adjustable presser foot are there to make your life easier.

This serger machine is extremely simple to operate and is perfect for beginners and advanced sewers alike. If you are planning to boost your creativity, this machine is here to help.

This product is solely designed for domestic usage and available only in the US.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Convertible threads: The machine has 2 needles along with convertible 3 or 4-threads
  • Differential feeding: You will revel in free arm sewing with a convertible presser foot. It has a differential feeding mechanism and a light to brighten the working areas
  • Color-coded threading chart: The color-coded threading chart means you can get started fuss-free
  • Easy seaming: Say goodbye to wavy seams on knitted fabrics and enjoy pucker-free seams with  lightweight material
  • Machine adjusting chart: You will also get a machine adjusting chart

When you purchase the SiRUBA HSO-747D, you will get a screwdriver, tweezers, a hexagon wrench key, a nice machine cover, a set of 4 needles and a clear instruction manual. Also thrown in are 4 spool holders and some suction cups. This is an impressive set of accessories for both operation and maintenance.

With an adjustable tension dial, you can control the tightness of threads for perfect seams.

The free arm sewing or the support bed can be easily removed if needed. With the free arm conversion you can work confidently with sleeves, pant legs and cuffs.


The threading chart forms an integral part of this product. It helps you with basic color indicators.

Whenever the front cover remains opened, the safety switch puts a stop to any form of accidental sewing.

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SiRUBA HSO-747D overlock sewing machine for professional finish (Image: Amazon)
SiRUBA HSO-747D overlock sewing machine for professional finish (Image: Amazon)


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