Review On Juki MO-50E 3/4 Thread Serger

Juki MO-50E 3/4 Thread Serger (Image: Amazon)

The Japanese manufacturer of industrial sewing machine, Juki Corporation, introduced Juki MO-50E 3/4 Thread Serger designed for those who look for advanced features at a reasonable price. Positive feedback from the users indicates the worthiness of the machine. It can provide you the professional finish when you are overcastting edges or cutting off seam allowance. This is one of the best overlock machines that make you’re over locking and serging activities to give an overall finish for your sewing works.

Juki MO-50E 3/4 Thread Serger (Image: Amazon)
Juki MO-50E 3/4 Thread Serger (Image: Amazon)

General Features

This easy-to-use Juki MO-50E 3/4 Thread Serger has differential feed, automatic threading, calibrated knife adjustment and built-in rolled hemming. This serger machine is easy to adjust and has the capability to work with the most complex task. One of the fastest serging machines that you can find on the market and gives you a maximum speed of 1,300 spm.

Highlighted Features

Differential feed: The machine helps to prevent stretchy and thin materials from being pulled out of shape or stretched out. It works to modify the compactness of the materials as it is stitched. This feature admits the fabrics of different thickness.

Automatic lower looper threading: This makes threading the machine very much easier; it lets the beginners o push a button that gets the thread go into the looper automatically.

Calibrated knife adjustment: This help to move your upper knife so you can safely thread and have consistent results. It is rarely seen in this price category.

Efficient speed: It operates at a maximum speed of up to 1,300 stitches per minute, making a quick and effective serger for completing the challenging projects.

Versatility: The serger provides a variety of stitching functions, movable and adjustable parts such as upper and lower knives.


  • It is easily affordable compared to other Serger machines with similar features.
  • The Juki MO-50E is powerful but less weight. This makes easier for transporting professional and home projects.
  • The machine has plenty of useful features so sewing can be done easier.
  • The machine does a splendid job on thick fabrics like denim.
  • It has built-in roll hemming
  • Lay-in tension provides easy threading


  • It doesn’t do free arm sewing, also no thread cutter and presser foot adjustment.
  • Takes much time to learn how this unit works.

Ranking and rating as per Amazon

The machine has got 4.1 stars out of 5 stars.  Out of the total customer reviews, 65 percentage has marked the product with full 5 stars, and another 18% supported the serger machine with 4 stars.  Overall it is a good indication from the sales point and performance.  Priced reasonably about $ 179 including free shipping it is one of the best deal of the season.

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Final verdict

It is a very useful machine for doing versatile serging works. It can be helpful for the skill levels from beginners to experienced users and hence is considered as one of the best serger machines available on the market. The low price of the machine is the most promising factor. This is not a Serger without limitations. But it does a decent job even with these limitations. This is the first ever basic Serger that has lay-in-tension.


Thus, Juki MO-50E 3/4 Thread Serger offers you the entire necessary feature for sewing and serging different kinds of projects. If you want to have a durable and stronger home serging machine, then you should have these units in your home.  Whatever advanced features you are expecting from a serger machine such as hemming, surging, calibrated knife adjustment for better performance, etc., you can have on this machine.  If you already have a sewing machine, then you must have this serger machine too.

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