How to use an overlock sewing machine by beginners first time?

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An overlock sewing machine (on Amazon) is a very versatile machine. Whether you are professional or a beginner, it serves you. The machine comes with several features and designs and depending on your requirements; you decide to purchase it. Wear and tear are part of any machine. Sometimes, beginners tend to do small errors when working on the sewing machine and find that it does not operate like the way it is supposed to. This article is all about overlock machine for beginners.

In this article, overlock machine for beginners, few points have been listed out which can help you if you are a beginner user. You will find out how to work on the sewing machine for the first time, understand few common mistakes that you would have made and solutions. Minor problems like uneven stitching and knotted threading happen that requires you to use the overlock sewing machine carefully.

This article will help you stitching an enjoyable experience.

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1. Locating the power switch

You need to know where to find the power switch. Sometimes not knowing the basic of things can cause serious problems. You will want to know that in all model of overlock sewing machines the power switch is not placed in the same location. Supposing you have upgraded to another sewing machine manufacturer, and then you need to find out the power switch.

2. Locating the spool pin

How to find the spool pin?  The spool pin is small in size that is made from plastic or metal. It helps in sticking at the top of the sewing machine that you need when you are stitching. It is vital because you need to place the thread on top of it. Mostly, it is located in the upper part of the overlock sewing machine.

3. Finding the bobbin winder

Familiarization of overlock machine let you know where to find the bobbin winder.  There is another metallic plastic pin next to the horizontal wheel that comes in small in size. It is the bobbin winder that is another important part of the sewing machine. The bobbin winder and stopper work together and wind up threading to help you begin your stitching project.

4. Looking for the stitch attachment buttons

Stitch attachment buttons are placed in different locations on the overlock machine depending on the manufacturer. You can find them next to a small screen of the relevant stitch attachment button. It is here that the information can be read. These buttons enable you to select the kind of stitching you want to use in your sewing task.

To know more about your stitch attachment buttons, you will have to read the manual that comes with the sewing machine. Ensure that you work with the buttons and parts together. Since you now know how to use an overlock machine as a beginner, this brief noted on overlock machine for beginners would be helpful to plan your session with overlock machine.  Keep on practicing overlock machine make you an expert in handling overlock sewing machine without hassles.

You need just to bear in mind that always focus on what you are doing and notice all the details when doing your tasks to help work smoothly and efficiently.

FAQ's sewing machine
FAQ’s sewing machine

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