How to troubleshoot common overlock mistakes made by beginner?

Are you a beginner who has recently purchased a sewing machine and finding the going is difficult? Then you are not alone. Overlock sewing machines are generally very complicated to use at the start, and many feel the same way. So, there is nothing new about it, or you do not have to get annoyed with the fact that you are the only one in this world, who makes mistakes while using overlock machines as a beginner.

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Here is what you need to understand. The overlock machine mistakes that you make can be avoided if you know what to do, how to do, and when to do. This article will give you some insights into the subject. These things happen, and you need to develop and improve your concentration to help you sew better. It also has to do with your inexperience where most of you tend to forget the basic things.

Common mistakes while using an overlock sewing machine

  1. The unthreading needle problem

You would have noticed this issue often. When you are threading the needle and start, it gets unthreaded. It can be very irritating and just ruins your mood for stitching. Nothing to worry as you need to ensure that you thread the needle few inches on the other side before you begins to stitch. You need to understand that the needle is on a higher part and when you are taking the lever, make sure that little bit of thread is left.

When next time it happens, you know what to do.

  1. The fabric was not staying still

You tend to note that the fabric of cloth keeps jumping up when stitching. It happens because you might have forgotten to lower the presser foot that keeps the fabric intact for stitching. That helps to keep the fabric straight. You need to lower the presser foot that helps you ensure that the fabric neatly stitched and enables to get you with the desired stitch.

If this happens again, you need to make sure that you do this point to get things going.

  1. The uneven stitching

If the stitch is uneven and not proper, then it spoils the entire fabric. When you want to ensure that the stitches are good and beautiful, then you must make sure that the thread tension is right. If this happens, you need to adjust the dial of the tension. It helps you get the right setting. You must keep trying it out few times to ensure that it is even.

You will also want to know that it does not have to be the thread tension setting, but it can be the bobbin that can also affect. You have to check your bobbin and ensure that it is inserted in the anticlockwise direction where the thread has to unwind. You can spend some time on the manual to ensure that it is working in a proper manner.

  1. The knotting up of the thread

It is also a common problem that happens where the thread gets knotted or jammed. You must make sure that both spool threads and bobbin are sticking towards the back side of the machine. When they are not sticking towards the backside of the sewing machine, then the thread can knot or jam. It ruins your stitching in progress.

Though the above overlock machine for beginner mistakes is small, they can cause serious frustrating issues down the line. Being aware of these mistakes can help you start right on track and get that right stitch you wanted.

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