How To Choose The Best Sewing Machine For Kids

How To Choose The Best Sewing Machine For Kids

Sewing is one of the most creative and essential life skills. Why not introduce your children to the craft and help them to become self-reliant and creative?

In order to do this, you’ll need to choose the best sewing machine for kids. And the good news? We’re here to help you do just that.

Have you ever noticed your child trying to dress her favorite doll using glittery cloth and a glue stick? These might be the early signs to indicate that you are nurturing a future creative sewing artist.

When you have pinpointed their interest in sewing, the next step is to buy them a real sewing machine. This will help to develop their interest.

You really have to be cautious while buying a sewing machine for your kid because you have to enhance their skills instead of accidentally taking away their interest in sewing. Make sure you choose the right model.

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Are Your Kids Ready For Sewing?

Is your child capable of cutting fabric properly with scissors? If so, it means they are ready for sewing. It really is as simple as that.

If you want, you can start teaching your kids to sew by hand first before introducing them to sewing machines. This is not essential, though, as technology is making things easier all the time.

If you think they are keen and ready, get them a proper sewing machine instead.

How To Choose The Best Sewing Machine For Kids
How To Choose The Best Sewing Machine For Kids
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What’s The Right Age To Start?

To successfully sew, interest is not the only thing required. It takes a lot of patience and passion to convert raw interest into a real skill.

Some children show both confidence and interest in sewing when they reach the age of 4. The requisite patience and coordination skills, though, only manifest themselves around the age of 6 or 7.

You need to supervise your child closely in the early stages. Teach them the basics until they are happy then they can naturally advance as they grow up.

At What Age Can Kids Sew Unsupervised?

If your child is under 7, they need your assistance.

From 7 years and upwards, they’ll do just fine without supervision.

Clearly, this depends on the individual child. Some kids learn things rapidly whereas others need help in order to learn new things.

If you feel that your child is ready to sew on their own, you can allow them to start their own simple projects unattended. However, you still have to keep an eye on them to ensure their safety at all times.

What Skills Do They Require?

You can quickly teach them to thread a needle and to control the foot pedal but it is ideal if they already have some cognitive skills in place. Don’t rush things.

First, ask them to draw some perfect curves or to trace the outline of a dress on a piece of paper. These abilities form the foundation needed to start sewing. This small exercise will help them to coordinate their hand movements through the fabric.

When they are happy making accurate lines, you can lead them straight to the fabric. Their reading skills will also play a key role here. They will need to decipher the different stitch settings on the sewing machine.

While teaching your child to sew, you will have the urge to ask them to “Do everything perfectly.” Please do resist this gut-feeling and allow their creativity to run wild. You can always tell them the correct method to do stuff but if they opt another approach that’s equally safe and creative, there is nothing wrong with that at all.

With time and experience, you can always teach them skills when they show interest. When they are starting out, just help them get going.

Sewing is a lifelong craft so allow them to kick off slowly.

7 Simple Tips to Use When Teaching Your Child to Sew (Image: Flickr)
7 Simple Tips to Use When Teaching Your Child to Sew (Image: Flickr)

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Things To Consider When Buying a Sewing Machine For Your Child

Choose a Machine With Adequate Safety Features

Safety is the uppermost concern when your child is using a sewing machine. Sewing involves sharp needles, electricity and many fast-moving parts.

Quality sewing machines will be sturdier and more reliable in terms of safety features. When looking for the best sewing machine for kids, examine safety features like finger guards and make sure you are not inviting an accident.

Keep The Machine Simple

Buy a simple sewing machine for your kid instead of a complicated one which will make learning tough for them.

Don’t focus needlessly on something complex with advanced functionality.

Buy a machine that can complement and hone their sewing skills. You can always switch to a higher level machine as they progress.

Avoid Buying Toy Sewing Machines

This cannot be emphasized strongly enough.

You can find toy machines for kids in every department store. They come in cute colors and designs.

Sure, toy machines are fun to look at but they are not fit for purpose. They usually don’t last long and the projects you can undertake are limited.

Toy machines are cheaply-made so that the stitches they create are really weak and don’t even possess a decent hold.

Put simply, they are not the right tool to teach your child how to sew.

If your kid is just too young to start using a real machine, a toy machine can serve as a taster.

For any older child with a strong interest in sewing, though, buying a toy machine is not recommended in the slightest. It’s a waste of time and money.

Choose A Machine To Match Their Skills

When buying a sewing machine for kids, select one with simple features and choose according to the level of ability your child demonstrates.

If your kid is a beginner, don’t buy a sewing machine which they need to thread manually. Threading a machine is not an easy task for novices.

Instead, buy an automatic threading machine for them. Other things to consider are how easy the foot pedal is to use and the method of loading the bobbin into the machine.

Buy a Sewing Machine For Kids From a Reputable Brand

Always buy sewing machines for kids from reputable brands.

Most of the high-end companies manufacture sturdy and safe machines that are long-lasting and user-friendly.

You can look for machines that are specially designed for kids. This is often a smart option as they focus primarily on safety.

Don’t Be Tempted By The Wrong Machine

Even if your child shows great sewing skills, don’t be tempted to buy the most expensive top-tier machine with complex features.

Your kid might be talented but it takes time to become mature enough to take sewing to the next level.

It is better to allow your kids to master the basics fully then move slowly to more advanced techniques. If their enthusiasm persists, you can always buy them a machine with upgraded features.

Features Of The Best Sewing Machine For Kids

The best sewing machine for kids will likely have the following features…

  • A sturdy, well-finished body
  • Easy-to-install bobbin
  • Minimal built-in stitches
  • Simple foot pedal
  • Seam guides
  • Easily threadable needle
  • Reverse stitch functionality
  • Dials to adjust tension and pressure

Other Factors To Be Considered


If you are looking for the best sewing machine for kids, sidestep heavy units targeted at adults.

When selecting kids’ sewing  machines, focus on lightweight models which are easy for them to carry.

Sewing machines made from cheap plastic might be lightweight but they are not durable. You want a strong machine with great features and respectable performance.

Avoid inexpensive, poor quality machines because you will only end up buying a machine that doesn’t even function well for a week. Buy cheap, buy twice.


A sewing machine with too many stitches to choose from is not recommended for kids. They will not use them all and they will get confused.

Likewise, an overly complex machine with complicated stitches is also a handicap for your child.

Children must first learn the most basic stitches which are used in the majority of projects. Make things easy for them by choosing the best model for their needs.

Presser Feet

The presser foot is the place where the needle goes up and down to perform one stitch after another. The thread is guided in here.

There is a possibility that your child could get their fingers stuck in the presser feet.

Make sure that your kids wear finger protectors before they get busy with their sewing projects. Some the machines come with finger protectors but in some cases, you have to purchase this separately.

Check on this feature as it could be invaluable.


A kids’ sewing machine should definitely look attractive. Design is very important for kids. Make sewing fun for them.

Many machines are available with bright, fun prints which will delight your kids.

The best sewing machines for kids come in girly colors and Barbie prints. Choose something different for your child instead of a plain and boring body.

Also, check for a sturdy design that has strong machine parts. Avoid fragile designs, though, however nice they might look.


Sewing machines are just like cars: they all have the same basic mechanisms but  they are certainly not all identical.

Think ahead towards the projects your child might be interested in creating and then look for machines to match.

The machine should perform exactly what your child wants to achieve otherwise there is no use in buying the machine for them in the first place.

Some sewing machines for kids come with easy quilting features, some with wonderful buttonholing. Others are good for stretch stitches and so it goes on…

The market is glutted with options and it is easy for you to get confused.

Why not directly ask your child about the skills they are interested in?

Avoid buying machines with programmable embroidery stitches or other digital features. Even if they are already IT-savvy, this can be needlessly challenging for your child.

If you don’t know much about sewing yourself, it is wise to take somebody who has knowledge of sewing or to read kids’ sewing machine reviews.

Also, always try out the sewing machine before actually buying one. Even if you want to buy it online, there’s nothing wrong with testing one out at the store first!


The truth is that the best sewing machine for kids doesn’t come cheaply.

Even if you don’t feel like spending too much on a sewing machine, you don’t want to waste money on a cheap, shoddy model that will let you down.

You need to strike the right balance between cost, build quality and value for money.

Brother or SINGER make superb starter level machines which will not break the bank.

Machines made out of plastic will be much less precise.

Like with most things in life, the more you spend, the better the results.

Safety Tips For Your Kids

  • Always ask your child to keep their fingers away from sharp needles. Supervise them sewing and buy finger guards as an added security measure
  • Ask your child to wear shoes while sewing so that even if the foot pedal breaks, their feet will remain protected
  • Even the best sewing machine for kids will struggle to sew through very thick material. Do not force it or it could damage your material or even result in an injury
  • It’s very important to turn off the sewing machine when you are away. Machines tend to generate a large amount of heat when left switched on and this can cause problems
  • Keep the cords of the machine toward the rear side of the machine rather than draping them on the floor. This will prevent your child from tripping over the cords accidentally
  • Avoid sewing over straight pins as this can lead to breakage. It could also damage your child’s finger
  • The best sewing machine for kids will still need servicing every year. This maintenance avoids costly repairs caused by neglect
  • Start your child’s sewing training without deviating from the basics. They must learn to walk before they can run

Another excellent tip: when your kids start sewing, ask them not to start with dolls’ clothes. Generally, it is believed that smaller things are easier to work with. It’s simply not the case with sewing.

Ask them instead to make clothes for themselves like a simple skirt or T-shirt. This is more encouraging as they will be able to show off their work as well wear a super cute dress.

Reviews Of The Best Sewing Machines For Kids 2022

Sewing machine for kids on Amazon

1) Brother XL2600I Sew Advance Sewing Machine

If you want to buy a basic and affordable sewing machine for your child, the Brother XL2600I is a wise pick.

It is a basic free arm sewing machine with sufficient features for beginners.

25 built-in stitches will help your kid to get truly creative.


Check price on Amazon

These built-in stitches range from basic utility stitches to decorative stitches. There is also a buttonhole stitch that makes it possible to create buttonholes using the easier 1-step method.

It also features a thread cutter, drop-in bobbin, automatic needle threader, automatic winding system and a dial stitch selector.

The Brother is powered by 110 volts which is more than enough to meet the performance requirements.

The stitching process can be easily managed by the foot pedal and the work area is illuminated with sufficient light for convenient stitching.


  • 25 built-in stitches
  • Rotary stitch selector
  • Lightweight
  • Illuminated working area
  • 1-step buttonhole feature
  • Automatic threader and winding
  • Thread cutter


  • It doesn’t come with a case so it it is hard to transport the machine
  • It is made of plastic hence is not as durable as some other materials

The Brother XL2600I has everything you could want for with a beginner level sewing machine.

If your kid is new to sewing, it’s foolish to buy them a machine with a range of features that they won’t use.

In terms of the best sewing machine for kids, this Brother is a strong contender.

2) Brother LS2125i Easy-to-Use, Everyday Sewing Machine

The Brother LS2125i is a lightweight and cost effective sewing machine for kids which is specially designed for beginner level sewers.

Although it is made for novices, it doesn’t compromise in terms of functionality.

Check price on Amazon

The machine is programmed with 10 stitches and is capable of doing blind hems, zigzag, satin and straight stitches quickly.

It also features automatic buttonholing where you can choose customized buttonholes.

It comes with a handy foot pedal, adjustable thread tension and pressure, a dial control stitch selector, a lever for forward and reverse stitching along with many other exceedingly useful features.


  • Delivers quality performance for everyday sewing, alterations, making curtains or table cloths
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Threading is made really easy which makes it a perfect kids’ sewing machine
  • Awesome value for money
  • Extreme portability
  • The free arm comes with an organizer where you can quickly organize your accessories


  • Certain users have reported that they face problems with the bobbin not winding properly
  • Some sewers have also complained that the thread gets locked up under the fabric at times

The Brother LS2125i can be a great sewing machine for kids and will help them master the basic lessons of sewing.

It is a very affordable machine considering the features it offers. It’s versatile enough for beginners to excel at stitching in double-quick time.

3) Michley LSS-505 Lil’ Sew & Sew Multi-Purpose Sewing Machine

If you are looking for the best kids’s sewing machine which is compact and will get basic stitching work done without spending much, the Michley is well worth popping on your shortlist.

Read full review

The Michley LSS-505 can work out as a great machine for your kids if they are first timers at the art of sewing because the machine is so lightweight and easily portable.

With this model, sewing is limited to basic mending and normal fabrics. It will be ideal if you want to teach your kids how to sew quilts, hem or sew linens.

It is a multipurpose sewing machine with 8 built-in stitches and it can cope with forward and reverse stitching.

It includes 2 bobbins, foot pedals, an AC adaptor and 2 thread spools. It also features sleeve sewing ability, 2 speed settings and an LED sewing light to brighten up your sewing work area.


  • Lightweight, compact, portable and affordable sewing machine
  • Comes with 8 built-in stitches
  • Sleeve sewing functionality
  • LED sewing light
  • Reverse sewing abilities
  • It has an AC adaptor that helps you if you run out of battery


  • If not threaded properly, there can be issues with thread tension later on

This sewing machine is recommended for basic stitching tasks and is more than enough for your kid when they are starting out.

After using it for some time (and if you feel your kid needs an upgrade) you can easily invest in a more advanced model.

4) Janome Fast Lane Fuchsia Portable Sewing Machine

The Janome Fast Lane Fuchsia Portable Sewing Machine is a lightweight, compact sewing machine available in 9 striking colors.

This sewing machine is expressly targeted at youngsters as is hence often considered as the best sewing machine for kids (beginners).

The Janome Fast Lane Fuchsia is an attractive decorative piece and is very user-friendly.

With excellent safety features helping to prevent misuse by children, its popularity continues to soar.

With 10 different types of built-in stitch features there will also be plenty of variety for your child.

General Characteristics

Janome, an American brand, retails a small and portable sewing machine for beginners so that it becomes easier for them to learn and practice with a scaled-down device.

The Fast Lane Fuchsia comes with all basic features along with some helpful tutorials.

Main Features

  • 10 Stitch Options: For the basics, there are 10 built-in stitching options. These cover all bases with the regular stitch options
  • Lightweight: One of the most attractive features of the Janome Fast Lane sewing machine is its light weight. You can easily carry and transport the machine from one place to the other.
  • Top Loading Drop-in Bobbin: The drop in bobbin is a kind of plastic or metallic material used to get two-way threading over the seam. The drop in bobbin saves times when compared to a front loading bobbin.
  • 2 Needle Positions (left and center): The two needle positions at the left and the center allow efficient sewing changing the sides of the needle according the purpose
  • Free arm sewing capability: The free arm sewing capability means it is very easy to stitch your clothes over the machine as it does not require your hands to be on it at all times
  • Finger guards: This machine is considered possibly the best sewing machine for beginners and has been specially designed with novices in mind. Finger guards are a great touch for safety


  • Very lightweight so simple to carry
  • Easy to store
  • Finger guards for optimum safety
  • Affordable
  • Various stitching options
  • Child-friendly


  • Uses only one particular needle size
  • Not meant for long use


Janome’s kid-oriented special is certainly among the best sewing machine for kids and beginners

For an entry level machine with a keen focus on design and people just starting to sew, this model is worthy of further investigation.

Sewing Machine Product Trends For Kids 2022

The best sewing machine for kids of 2022 will offer the same functions an adult’s machine but in a compact size with more safety features.

Not all basic sewing machines are suitable for your child so it is recommended that you buy a special machine for your little wonder that has more safety features and is especially targeted for kids.

If your kid is a true beginner and you want them to learn to sew without spending a fortune, you can buy them a Sew Cool Machine. It just requires you to push a button and start crafting, no sewing skills are required and hence it is safe for any kids aged 6 and above.

If your kid is acquainted with sewing skills and is used to a real machine, you can advance to a higher version like a SINGER Pixie Plus Craft Machine. The machine is not high-end and is not capable of doing any heavy stitching.

If your kid is more advanced in the craft of sewing, why not invest in a high-quality machine like the Janome 15822 Hello Kitty Sewing Machine?

It is all about understanding the interest and skills of your kids and then buying a sewing machine for them. Analyze your needs and buy accordingly.


When you are in the store to buy the best sewing machine for kids, look for one that is simple and tailored to your kid.

Even if your child has a genuine interest in sewing, using the wrong machine could force them to give up their interest out of frustration.

Take to time to assess exactly what your kid requires and go right ahead…

It’s time for you to buy the best sewing machine for kids.

Happy sewing!!

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