Gym Rules You Must Know?

1. You Don’t Talk About Lifting

2. Sending Text Messages In The Gym Won’t Help You Build Muscle

3. Don’t Scream At Your First Rep If You’re About To Do 10 More

4. Whatever A Gymbro Tells You Is 10% Facts – 100% Broscience

Gym Rules You Must Know?
Gym Rules You Must Know?

5. Come In The Gym With A Goal, A Fitness Goal, Not The Desire To Get Laid

6. Rerack Your Weights, Nobody Will Do It For You

7. Don’t Leave Your Sweat On The Bench

8. You Don’t Stop Your Set When You’re Tired, You Stop When You’re Done.

9. Come In The Gym To Exercise, Talking Is Not An Exercise

10. Go Hard Or Go Home

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