Buying guide to choosing the best serger sewing machine

Buying guide to choosing the best serger sewing machine (Image: Amazon)

Do you currently use a serger machine? If not, then it is high time that you add one to your craftwork collection.

This kind of sewing machine is versatile, useful and gaining much more popularity than ever before.

A serger is a specialty machine used for overcasting, sewing over or even enclosing the raw sides of the fabric.

It helps to prevent fraying and offers truly professional finishes to the edges of material. This same serger is used for trimming off the excess form of seam allowances…

And all this in one easy-to-use package!

True sewing aficionados will understand the special scope of an overlocker machine or best sewing machine. They are small but deceptively powerful.

Serger machines are flexible, fast and smooth. You can enjoy continuous stitching, stretch seams and give your garments a durable finish. As the raw edges are closed, the finished results form a professional look without any form of fraying.

From rolling hems to the addition of elastics and creating some wonderful decorative stitches, this machine is one of a kind.

Are you planning to buy the best overlock sewing machine for the first time?

If so, read through this buying guide now and get instant help. Choosing the best serger machine with so many different options at your disposal can be tough. We are here to make the job easy for you!

Tips For Getting The Best Sewing Machine

Step 1

  • Firstly, consider the reasons why you need this sewing machine. Always remember that depending on your needs, some makes and models are more suitable than others. Whether you want to make crafts or sew draperies, the models will vary in what they can do. Is the brand important to you? For example, a machine meant for alteration or mending will vary from one aimed at quilting or embroidery. Analyze your needs carefully. Choose the best sewing machine for your requirements

Step 2

  • You have to be honest with yourself. Think about the amount of time you are willing to spend on overlocking work. Most serger sewing machines are fast and known for stitching 1300 stitches per minute. Do your research. Test them out if possible. Decide how important speed is for you and choose accordingly

Step 3

  • Comparing various machines rather than homing in on a single item is crucial. The types and quality of these sewing machines will vary from basic machines to much more advanced units. You can opt for something simple if you plan to limit yourself to occasional mending. Invest money in high-end machines if you aim to do more with it. Think seriously about how you will use your serger as this will affect the selection you make

Step 4

  • Wherever you plan to make your purchase, it’s a smart idea to browse online first. Start by getting a clear idea of prices. If you want to buy an overlocker from a retail outlet then it’s highly likely to cost you more. If you like the idea of testing out some sergers and asking an assistant for some advice on buying the best sewing machine, go to a store first. There is nothing to stop you from seeking out help, trying various sergers and then buying online. Do what’s right for you

Step 5

  • Now you should have a good idea of what type of product you are looking for. The cheaper machines are almost disposable. They come with plastic cams that are quite hard to replace. You could opt for a mid-range serger if you are an occasional seamstress. However, these machines are still unlikely to last a long time if you start using them more than just occasionally. The best sewing machine is designed to go the distance. Premium models are manufactured using top-tier raw materials and are engineered to higher standards. Again, only you know what’s best for your needs and budget

Step 6

  • Next, you need to narrow down your search to two to three machines. After searching online, perhaps it’s time to start looking for a demonstration of each of these machines. This will be easier with the more recognized brands like Brother, SiRUBA or Singer

Step 7

  • After shortlisting these machines, you should finalize your budget. Look for the best sewing machine within these limits. You might need some adjustments or compromises to get the best fit overall. Sometimes, reputable online companies offer a discount on these sewing machines. Take the time to look out for special deals that will help you to grab the best serger for your money

Step 8

  • Start comparing your budget with the prices of the machines you have in mind. If any adjustments are to be made, it might take some extra time. This is not time wasted, though. Also, you can ask for professional help if you cannot decide on the best sewing machine for your needs and wallet. It is better to do your homework fully. Fail to plan and plan to fail!

Step 9

  • Online stores like Amazon or eBay help by offering some fantastic deals on these overlocker sewing machines. There are a huge range of makes and models available and you can choose the one that best matches your requirements. This is where a little bit of research will go a long way.

Step 10

  • Look for the best sewing machines that have great instructional manuals. Some retail outlets ask for a hefty amount just for the sake of the instructional manual. They should be free of charge. If you find that you learn best visually, pay attention to those manufacturers providing DVDs as well as instructions in written form. They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Watching a live demonstration is more effective still

Step 11

  • After you are completely satisfied with the features and specifications, you can place your order confidently. The selection of a serging machine and narrowing this choice down to the best sewing machine need not be a tedious job. Look at this time spent positively. You will end up with the smartest option instead of just rushing in and buying the wrong model. Once this part is over, you are not far away from your first project! Remember: most online stores offer free shipping and door delivery. This will not only save you money but also the hassle of carrying your overlocker home

Step 12

  • Once you have your serger, before anything else, spend some time reading the manual. This will give you a basic overview of the stitching and operational techniques. Carry out some trial stitching and serging before you actually start working on a real project. Once you are familiarized with your new machine, you can easily hunt down the best stitching or serging plan that will satisfy your requirements for any given piece of craftwork. Creating a fine collection of embroidery work and serging will now be an extremely simple task. Enjoy!

Now For The Wrap-Up

These overlock sewing machines from Brother, Singer or SiRUBA are all well worth considering if you are in the market for the best sewing machine.

The key is in finding which one works best with the plans you have in mind for serging. Think very carefully about price, value for money, build quality, features and accessories.

Brother, Singer and SiRUBA are all reputable brands known for their innovative product lines. They are leading suppliers of sewing machines, embroidery machines and overlocker machines. These companies are recognized for producing state-of-the-art, premium-quality machines and accessories. If you are looking for the best sewing machine, then each of these has something different and valuable to offer.

Some more great news: these machines are extremely straightforward to operate! Reading through the manuals will empower even a beginner to manage simple stitching operations with ease. After a few trial stitching attempts, even novices can speedily master the art of embroidering and serging. The interfaces of these machines are so simple that you will be up and running rapidly.

Start working on the sewing machine after checking out the instructional DVD, manual, andoverlock sewing machine reviews. Ramp up your sewing service to a truly professional level.

If you have any questions at all then do not  hesitate to contact us. We aim to answer all queries as quickly as possible.

We hope you found these reviews of the best sewing machine and the buying guide useful.

Enjoy our site!

Buying guide to choosing the best serger sewing machine (Image: Amazon)
Buying guide to choosing the best serger sewing machine (Image: Amazon)

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