Brother SE400 Review

Brother SE400 Review

If you walk into an electrical shop and demand a low-cost sewing machine that’s bulging with features, has computer connectivity and the ability to simultaneously sew and embroider you will get one of two answers:

“Sorry, but you are looking at a very expensive item if you want those benefits.”


“Ah! The best sewing machine for you is the Brother SE400.”

This slick piece of kit should not be confused with other more complicated and expensive models.

For kids or beginners, it is a dream come true.

Yes, a Brother SE400 review detailing every feature would finish as a mini-eBook but its ease of use makes it a perfect entry-level sewing machine because, as your skills develop, the range of features that come as standard with a Brother SE400 will give you years of sewing pleasure.

Brother SE400 Review
Brother SE400 Review

What Makes The Brother SE400 The Best Sewing Machine For Beginners and The Experienced Alike?

Well, as the machine covers both sewing and embroidery it can accomplish standard sewing functions like garment construction, mending, quilting, alterations, craft and heirloom sewing. It also contains special stitches that support every function.

As an embroidery machine, it can handle monograms, designs, fonts and borders.

When you want to change from one function to another, you shift the embroidery arm on or off, adjust the presser foot, thread, needle and you’re done!

The benefit of a combination machine is if you don’t have much space for setting up and storing two separate machines. While not a technical feature, the lightweight nature of the computerized machine vs. a heavier mechanical one should be borne in mind. At an incredibly light 24.3 pounds, this machine is easy to move or store away if you do not have a dedicated sewing area.

Size-wise, the machine will not dominate your room at just 20.3 x 15 x 15.2 inches.

Further Benefits:

  • Easy to understand instruction manual allows you to learn one task at time
  • The bobbin system is reliable, fast and comes with a built-in anti-jam system
  • The needle threader is completely automatic!
  • The 7-point feed dogs give the smoothest possible fabric-feeding experience even with the toughest of materials
  • The built-in light makes it easy to use for those with poor vision
  • 25 year limited warranty and free phone support for life means you are only a phone call away from solving any problems

“If You Can Imagine It, You Can Create It!”

The computerized SE400 combination embroidery and sewing machine is designed so you can add a high-end look to all of your projects without breaking the bank.

Ask any experienced user what to consider before purchasing a new machine and one thing they will tell you to look for in the best sewing machines is what attachments it comes with. The SE400 has a huge range of presser feet which are ideal for:

  • Making clothes – Buttonhole foot, zipper foot, blind hem foot
  • Making quilts – Embroidery foot
  • Basic sewing – Zigzag stitches

Have a Special Project In Mind?

Regardless of the wealth of built-in embroidery patterns, you’ll find yourself wanting something new for a special project.

One of the most significant features of the SE400 is the USB port. This makes for a convenient transfer of your designs from the computer to your machine.

Connect the SE400 to the computer using the included USB cable and import your designs quickly and easily. You can also transfer designs from the Internet or CDs with simple drag and drop or copy and paste. No special software is needed. It works with both Apple and Windows.

Simple-To-Use LCD Controls

The convenient LCD touch screen allows you to keep sewing and embroidery functions under complete control. You have the choice of using a stylus (included) or your fingers.

If you are unsure of how to connect this machine to your computer, you can control everything from the LCD screen. You do not need to take a computer course to operate this machine!


If you are looking to upgrade your current equipment or want to attempt embroidery for the first time, the SE400 will allow you to accomplish all of your goals with ease.

This Brother machine provides a wide range of truly great features and automatic options for an outstanding price.

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