Best help for the beginners with Brother LS2125i sewing machine review

Brother LS2125i sewing machine (Image: amazon)

The Brother manufacturing house made a great name these days, mainly by making some sewing machines for the beginners. However, you will also find some of the high ends and modernized professional stitching machines that are powerful and also excellent embroidery features. Their impressive design and sturdy quality are extremely user friendly and machines can meet the demands of professionals and beginners. The model is extremely easy to use and come handy with loads of features. Among so many options, which can be availed from this manufacturing house, nothing can beat the importance of Brother LS2125i sewing machine as the best choice available. The affordable price, along with branded name makes it a complete hot selling cake.

Fantastic features to fall for

This sewing model is mainly designed by targeting the beginners, making it the most promising and best sewing machine of all time. The weight of this product is extremely light, and it comes handy with a carrying handle. It means you will be able to carry this machine with you in your stitching classes. The features are extremely useful for your daily stitching and also for some of the alteration purposes.

Users are now going to have ten onboard stitches, which can be selected by just spinning a dial. On the other hand, you will also receive automatic 4 step buttonhole, with the help of which, you can customize buttonholes. It has another free arm feature, and you can even mold the machine into a flatbed when the time comes. The sewing machine provides the users with onboard storage, for keeping all the accessories near hand. Each product comes with 25 years of warranty service.  Being accommodated all the essential features; this machine is very well within the comfort zone of any beginners and is considered as the best sewing machine for beginners.

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Pros to jot down:

  • The machine comes handy with its basic features and affordable price. It even works on denim fabric, which other amateur machines might not function on. If you need a thick needle, you can always take help of this machine.
  • The product is easy to carry, due to its light weight. It makes the product extremely durable and portable, as well.
  • The system comes with free arm feature, which will help you to make some sleeves, sew cuffs and legs of pants, with ease.
  • You will come across ten useful stitching methods, and use them as a turning dial onboard. You can practice the stitches without a problem.
  • The automatic buttonhole is here with 4 step mechanism, making buttonhole creation an easy task for all.

Cons of this machine:

  • The user manual is under designed. There are some issues with the instructions, which users face quite often.
  • There are some issues with the threads, as they tend to catch up in between wheels, and it results in unthreading of the needle.

Conclusion part

It’s true that Brother LS2125i has some issues, but there are more pros to it. Therefore, the features mentioned above, make this product the best sewing machine for beginners now. You will come across loads of important features with built in stitches, making it a masterpiece from Brother. This product is defined as a complete package for the beginners. With its light weight and affordable rate, you cannot ask for anything better!

Brother LS2125i sewing machine (Image: amazon)
Brother LS2125i sewing machine (Image: amazon)

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