9 reasons leggings are a godsend

They’re a versatile delight.

Finding something to wear everyday can be tough sometimes, and the balance between comfort and style can be difficult to achieve, but that’s what leggings are for.

Here are 8 reasons why leggings are your best friend.

1) you can wear them 100 days in a row and get away with it

Leggings are subtle, people may notice you are wearing them but if you come into work in leggings 7 days in a row nobody can tell whether it’s the same pair, two alternating pairs or a fresh pair each day. Sure you should give them a wash, but the fact that no one can tell either way is just too tempting.

2) You can wear them with anything

Shirts, dresses, t-shirts or a hoodie you can literally wear leggings with anything you can find in your closet. And the same goes for footwear, you can wear them with runners or pumps and slide on a pair of boots without the effort of stuffing your jean leg into them.

3) You can wear them anytime

While you can wear them with anything you can also wear then at any time of day and for almost every occasion. Going for a run? Pop on some runners and you’re dressed appropriately, Going for a drink, put on a dressy top and some pumps and you’re dressed appropriately, lounging around the house for the day? Pop on an old free giant T-shirt you got at some point and some slippers and of course, you’re dressed appropriately.

4) If you’re feeling fat it won’t matter

There is nothing worse than feeling bloated during your period or even just when you have a bit of a food baby, and jeans are not helpful in that situation. Leggings wont dig into you or make you feel any worse about yourself. Leggings are stretchy and flexible. Leggings understand.

5) They feel like pyjamas

If you’re home all day but want to be prepared if you need to run to the shop, leggings are your answer. If you take a nap in the middle of the day, you can do it in comfort because cotton leggings feel like PJs, they’re looser than jeans and not as warm as tracksuit bottoms. Perfect lounge wear.

6) There are dozens of options but you still to your old reliables.

Different types of leggings have come in and out of fashion in the past few years. We have floral patterned cotton ones, Lycra galaxy ones and the ones that have become very popular of late, gym leggings. While we love that you can get leggings in all different colours, patterns and fabrics, most girls will stick to cotton, black, ankle-length Penneys/River Island best.

7) You can get a decent pair for a fiver

You can always get yourself a pair of leggings even feel like you’re broke. The old reliable Penneys will always have them in stock for about €4 and even the slightly upscale high-street shops like River Island and H & M will do them for about a tenner.

8) They are the go-to travel wear

If you’re going to be on a 3-hour bus journey home at the weekend, or in airports and on planes, comfort is essential. Sitting for a long period of time and maybe even taking little naps is no fun in jeans. Leggings and long journeys go hand in hand.

9) They help solve the ‘is this a dress or a top’ dilemma

When you have a nice shirt or top that is almost long enough to be a dress but your afraid your bum might hang out if you go bare leg or even wear tights, adding leggings helps solve the mystery. That way, regardless of what it technically is, it doesn’t matter because your leggings are fine either way.
So while some people need to remember that their bums might show through their leggings, and legging companies need to make pairs that don’t go out of shape after a few washes, the positives most definitely outweigh the negatives.

Leggings are life-savers.

Source: her.ie

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Here Fishy Fishy Fishy Legging

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